On the plane to Spain

It’s 2:30am CST but 8:30am in Spain. Due to the amazing Dream Water
that Erica and I discovered on a trip to Italy last year, we’ve slept like babies. In fact, Erica is still snoozing right now. I decided to wake up and stare out the window for awhile and dream of tapas.

Side notes:

  • Our seats are fantastic.
  • While speaking to someone on an international flight, remember that they are likely not English speakers. Try not to blurt out: “Oh shit, I don’t speak Spanish!”
  • Dream Water has much stronger effects on Erica.
  • I really need to remember to download a few shows on iTunes before taking a long flight like this.
  • I miss Bailey.


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    • Thanks Jennifer! It’s been great so far. However, I am discovering how inefficient my Spanish skills actually are. 🙂

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