Civil Unrest, Street Performers and Panic Attacks

Civil Unrest

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I almost joined in with my own protest: “¡Jamón! ¡Jamón! ¡Necessito más Jamón!” Which translates loosely to “Ham! Ham! I need more ham!”

Street Performers

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There are many performers in the plaza del sol. Here’s a guy with a massive bubble maker rocking it at 1am.

Panic Attacks

Had one. Really sucked. Erica was amazing! Had to leave El Museo de Prado after only a few minutes. I need to remember that espresso here will blow your head right off.

Las fotos de hoy

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    • Turns out that iPhone/iPad videos, depending on how you hold the device, will record upside down but then show right side up when using an Apple product to view them. Use Windows and it shows the video as it was originally shot. Gross. I’ll try to hold my phone right side up next time. On my iPad the videos look great!