Back in Madrid!

After four days in Sevilla (four, really? In some ways it feels like we’ve always been there; it also feels like we just arrived), we have returned to Madrid so that we can catch our flight back to the States tomorrow. Before we left Sevilla, we decided to go to the General Archive of the Indies. Most of the information was in Spanish and hard for me to decipher. The information I was able to gather was very interesting. The diary of Christopher Columbus is housed here. The maps, portraits, and letters were beautifully displayed and the building housing the information was equally impressive. Digital archiving is a special interest of mine, and the archive is currently working on digitalizing their entire collection. Cool stuff!

We also took our last stroll through Sevilla this morning. It is an unforgettable city and I would recommend that anyone who travels to Spain should spend a significant amount of time in Sevilla. We were both sad to leave this city, especially the area in which we spent the majority of our time, the Barrio Santa Cruz.

While driving to Madrid, we stumbled across this impressive castillo off the side of the highway in the Extremaduran area of Spain. It turns out that it is a major monument in the city of Trujillo. Trujillo was the birthplace of the Spanish conqueror of Peru! There is a unique statue of this man, Francisco Pizarro, in the Plaza Mayor of the city. The castillo is actually an old fortress, dating from the era when Spain was conquered by Muslims. We didn’t have much time to spare, so we headed back to the highway before exploring any farther.

Luckily, we made it to Madrid in time for dinner (around 20:00) and have been enjoying cervezas and tapas ever since. Oh, and one last round of chocolate and churros. Bright and early in the morning we’re going to give El Prado another shot before saying goodbye to España (for now!).




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  1. Churros and Chocolate is awesome! Did you try any Turron while you were out there? Its an almond nougat made with just honey and almonds, its fantastic.