Due to no vacancies at our favorite condo in Gulf Shores last night, we stayed in a small town called Fairhope which was just 30 minutes out. We arrived at night, but when we awoke this morning we decided to check out the town before leaving. What we found was a beautiful little city that is far too easily overlooked.

We found a rose garden, boasting 1,000 bushes and 40 variants, planted next to the most beautiful lawn I’ve ever seen, with a damned fountain in the middle of it all as if the roses weren’t enough. Where was this paradise? About 30 paces from the ocean and a pier. Along the pier were fisherman, casting out nets, illegally catching shrimp before the fishing season. They were good people, and taught me a bit about how it all works. Many had enough shrimp to feed a family for several days.

We also found beautiful New Orleans style buildings and homes throughout the town, and the businesses were local, unique, and interesting. Before leaving, we decided to try the local cuisine at a great little restaurant with an ocean view called “Thyme“. I had the grits with cheese (due to stomach issues) and Erica had the shrimp and grits. Suffice to say it was easily the best grits I’ve ever had. It was so good, I had one of those moments where my heart sank… Knowing I’d likely never have grits that good again.

Fairhope… Check it out

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